Saturday, April 07, 2007

You have my permission to comment - in fact, I'd like you to!

While looking to see what results would come up from a search on ‘Emma Fraser Opera Criticism’ I came across a fellow-Dunedinite blogging on opera, singing, singers and doing it with great panache. Dunedin isn’t a very large city, but I’m not sure if I know who Sarah Noble, the writer of the blog, is all the same.
Why would I be looking up ‘Emma Fraser Opera Criticism’? Only because my favourite HitTails site brought it to my attention. When I went to look at the results they didn’t seem particularly to show that Emma has any great fondness for criticising operas, but maybe someone thought she had.
Brent Stavig, on the other hand, turns up in a lot of Google results. Or should I say, several Brent Stavigs turn up. There’s at least one who’s an actor/musician, and one who’s a metalworks instructor at St Francis High School. The former acts as guide on a tour of James Dean sites, the
latter set out to build a Baas bike with his class. Because he didn’t have the experience required, he invited pros into the classroom to work with the kids on all aspects of the building process. The bike(s) built were provide "money [to] buy new welders, hopefully c and c equipment in the machining area, and then the students learn on state of the art equipment, not to mention they'll be able to make even better products in the future". Now that’s hands-on experience. I can imagine many teenage boys would be more interested in building a motor bike than doing most of the things they’re expected to do in class.
Darren Rouse, on, mentions that we should encourage people to comment on our posts. Since I very rarely get anyone commenting on them – and thus really have no idea if anyone actually reads them, in spite of the stats – I’d appreciate any comments you’d like to make. It’s easy to do on this site: you don’t have to register to make a comment here.
Having said that no one reads the blog, the stats do seem to show up a good number of occasions when someone in Mangere, New Zealand, has checked in, and someone in Boulder, Colorado.
I have two readers. Wow.
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