Sunday, April 15, 2007

More on Mr Chow

Obviously I’ve caught up on the John Chow phenomenon a good deal later than most people on the Net. Oh, well, I was never one to be in the advance corp, except on a couple of occasions, one when I managed to write an article for The NZ Listener on blogs before they exploded on the Net scene quite so thoroughly, and two, when I was the first Christian bookshop in NZ to go on the Net. In general, I’m trailing the field, however.
To get back to John.
He offers a reciprocal link from his site to yours if you do a post that’s a review of his site. I guess his site is best known for his ‘make money online’ category, a category in which he seems to excel. There are dozens of posts on the topic, and I checked out one that interested me on increasing RSS subscriptions. He points out that the RSS link needs to be visible. Plainly the Blogger people don’t feel that’s necessary as the feed on this blog is stuck right at the bottom; not the best place if you want people to notice it. (It took me quite some time to notice it myself.) I’ll have to check and see if I can shift it up to the top somehow. (Another job!)
John’s article on RSS feeds is full of good sense (and some curious English) but it’s only one of many that are worth reading – I fully intend to do so when I get more time that I seem to have at the moment. Time has become rather scarce since we decided to go to England for six months. We’re having to clear out the house to make way for possible renters, and it’s a major operation.
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