Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gareth Farr: naked AND poor...?

A post on my other blog,, about the relatively frequent appearance of ‘Gareth Farr’ and ‘naked’ in juxtaposition on Google searches, elicited an amusing response from the man himself, who now gets a chance to appear in my otherwise nondescript blog yet again.
I quote it in full:

Poor Old Gareth??!!
As a starving artist I may be poor, but at 39, I'm not that old, am I? Well, it's good of you to think of my feelings and show concern about my "beleagueredness" (is that even IN the dictionary?) but please don't worry - I haven't noticed any telescopes aimed at my house lately, and my nakedness hasn't been noticed by a soul (it only happens twice a day). And for your peace of mind - is not on my list of things to do anytime in the near future. All the bestGareth Farr (not naked)

I replied as follows, (though I’m not sure whether he’ll notice – hopefully he’s off composing more energetic music, music such as a man of his youth should be composing):

Sorry to hear you're starving, Gareth. I'll have to add that to the 'naked' factor and see if we can get a fund started for you!
Nah, 39 is a pretty good age, really, these days. Could be considered positively young, in fact.
'beleagueredness'? Yup, you may be right about its lack of dictionary placement, but I've used it more than once in my lifetime...
Thanks for dropping by.
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