Saturday, April 07, 2007

Just keep an eye over your shoulder

The other day, in one of those rare egotistical moments I have, I added myself to a site called It never crossed my mind to check that I might already be on there – after all, there are six billion people on the planet, and zoominfo mostly focuses on people in the US. But today, when I happened to come across the site again while looking up Brent Stavig (see the previous post), I found I was on there not once, not twice, but four times! Firstly there was the listing I put in myself the other day. Then there was a listing with me as a freelance writer. I hadn’t put this on. It had been picked up because a couple of Internet references caught up my name and collated them together.
And then I turned up as the Manager of OC Books, my former workplace.
And then I turned up as the writer of the Daily Writer at OC Books.
There are some ways in which the Internet can be a scary place. Big Brother, possibly, had nothing on it! What do you think?
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