Saturday, April 28, 2007

SAP and one other

In my job, a temporary one, I’ve had to work on a new system called SAP (I won’t tell you what some of the other office workers claim this stands for). I thought I was usually pretty quick to pick things up on software that was new to me, but I’ve had a major learning curve with this one. To me it doesn’t at all seem to be user-friendly; in fact, there’s one report that, if it crashes for any reason, (and it has done at least twice in my experience), will cause you to lose all the data you’ve entered. What system doesn’t save, or isn’t saveable as you go along? Fortunately this is the only report on it I’ve found that’s like this, but I wonder how many other reports – of the hundreds that it’s capable of – function in a like manner?
Still, this program isn't as frustrating as another we use - I won't mention it's name. It reacts so slowly on our servers, that you can be typing along and suddenly discover that the program hasn't at all caught up with you, and is asking you to re-enter a screed of stuff you've already entered. And make the slightest mistake on this program, and it will make you suffer: by becoming increasingly slow. One of the other office workers the other day got so frustrated she started bashing the keyboard with her fists and screaming. Not a healthy scene!
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