Saturday, April 28, 2007

Software you can get to grips with

I talked about AIMpromote’s customer relationship management a few days ago, which they provide by using their CRM software (CRM: customer relationship management – get it?). I also talked about turnkey marketing yesterday, and it seems to me that that’s what AIMpromote is all about: making the thing as simple as possible to set up, so that the customer isn’t spending days figuring out some new system, but can get to grips with it straight away. At least that’s what their site tells me, and who am I to gainsay them. (Yay, haven’t had a chance to use ‘gainsay’ in a good while.)
There’s nothing worse than a program that takes forever to get to grips with, as I’ve mentioned a couple of posts back. And doesn’t it bug you when a software specialist walks in the door of your business, loads up the software and then proceeds to go at a great pace through something he understands but you can’t get hold of for the life of you!
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