Friday, April 27, 2007

Spending all my money

If I’m going to look for a dream home, then let’s forget the el cheapo $1,000,000 places. Piffle to them! I liked the place (it was a mere $52 million) situated in Pasadena. Looked as though it might require a large staff to maintain it, but when you’re spending that much money why balk at paying for staff too? An English butler, a housekeeper (a la Helen Mirren in Gosford Park), several maids and valets, a chauffeur or two, and a half a dozen gardeners.
And I loved the place in San Diego (La Jolla to be precise) which is built at all sorts of angles, with tiled roof, and balustrades, and stairs in various directions, and balconies, and verandahs. Ah. And it’s only going to cost me between $15 and $18 million. Did I mention the swimming pool?
Real estate in San Diego has to be seen to be believed. I was looking at the Mega Dream Homes site, but if you don’t happen to have as much money as I imagine I might have, then you check out It’s bound to have something in your price range!
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