Friday, April 13, 2007

Watching the Nuggets again

My wife and I went to a basketball game tonight for the first time in a couple of years. We used to go and watch the local team, the Nuggets, regularly, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the Nuggets had a real down patch – partly through losing some key players – and they’re having to build up the team from the ground again.
I was alerted to the fact that the game was on tonight by an article in the sports page (yes, I do read the sports pages occasionally) in which the captain of the team, an American import, Justin Bailey, was saying that when he got on television he would lambaste the referees because they were so inconsistent. I thought the guy must be a top player to be talking in such a fashion, but if his performance tonight was anything to go by, he’s also pretty inconsistent. Maybe he’d been given a sharp word or two from his coach for shooting his mouth off in such a way.
The Nuggets continued their trend of not doing well; they started the game sluggishly, played badly on defence throughout (or de-fence as it’s used in the game, as a kind of chant), and only began to pick up half way through, when it was too late to catch a more confident opposition.
But they do have some great shooters, and they need to let them do the ‘talking’ in the team, rather than the Captain, who looked tired and not very energetic tonight.
I sat throughout the game thinking: this is something I can do some blogging about. Such is the nature of blogging, that everything becomes a topic for it.

The photo is of Shaun Tilby, who produced some great three-pointers tonight, in an otherwise lacklustre game.
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