Sunday, April 15, 2007

John Chow Makes Money!

I came across John Chow’s website a while ago, when I was looking for something else. As so often happens in net surfing, you look at a blog, and think, ‘I must bookmark this’ and then something distracts you and you forget to do it.
So it was good to come across a post in Peter Haslam’s site, Necessary Skills, in which he brought John Chow to my attention again. This time I’ve bookmarked Chow’s site, in the hope that in the midst of all the stuff I’m doing I’ll actually have a chance to get back it and have a look at his money-making opportunities on the Net. Some people must be making money on the Net, but I’m certainly not one of them. (Well, I make money, but what I make wouldn’t feed a mouse for long in these days.) John Chow apparently makes money, and if he’s doing it honestly, I’ll be checking him out.
I guess it’s only fair of me to tell you how I’ve made money via the Internet. You might like to have a laugh, after all. There’s myLot, which pays miniscule amounts, but finally, after four months, I have US$10, which means they will actually transfer this amount to my Paypal account in due course.
There’s Blogitive, with whom I was doing well until they lost my blog for a while. They pay US$5 a post (which includes an ad) and pay regularly.
There’s PayPerPost, whom I’ve mentioned with some irritation in this blog before. They pay a minimum of US$5, and for a while I was doing well with them too – until they got all uppity and started excluding bloggers on the bottom of the ladder from any opportunities. Between these two I made over US$400 over a relatively short period.
That’s pretty much it. There might be something else, but if there I can’t remember it. Somehow I don’t think I’m going to give John Chow a run for his money just yet!
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