Thursday, April 19, 2007

Looking after the customers

Enterprise-level features
Lead management
Website analytics

Maybe these three phrases leap out at you and you know exactly what they mean. I’m not sure that I do. They’re the kind of phrases where I think I know what’s being said, but have that niggling feeling that my mind is trying to glide over them because they’re not entirely clear to me.
I picked them out at random from a website that deals in customer relationship management. (There we go again: doesn’t that just somehow seem to be not quite the English you know and love?) This website,, has a page that shows all the ways in which it’s superior to two other sites. I checked out both these sites, and in fact, AIMpromote is definitely superior in being clearer in its use of English. That’s a plus, especially as they’re the ones I got these phrases from. (One of the other sites offered a ‘news’ item, which turned out to be a dull jargon-filled piece of stuff which my mind definitely refused to read.
But AIMpromote is also superior in its features, of which there are over fifty. The other two sites have lots of crosses where AIMpromote has nothing but ticks.

Read those phrases again, consecutively:
Enterprise-level features
Lead management [of]
Website analytics [into]
Customer relationship management.

There! That’s better, isn’t it? They just needed a bit of context.
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