Saturday, May 19, 2007

20th century advertising jingle

An advertising rhyme my wife remembers from her childhood:

That cough does upset her,
What can Mother get her?
Why, Mother says Venos,
The best mixture she knows;
That cough quickly goes,
When she takes Venos.

To my surprise, Beecham's Venos is still available. I'd assumed it was long gone. For a fun story relating to Venos, check out this site - about half way down.

The following note comes from an interesting site on old bottles, called Ask Digger.
hi there i was looking round a market one day when i cam across one old venos cough mixture bottle it has still got the sticker of it one front and came with it original box , it is called venos brand lightning cough cure and was prepared by veno drug co Ltd , Manchester eng. the box is quite old and the bottle as well it even has some medicine in the bottom of the bottle , can you please email me and let me know about this bottle only date i can find on it is 1910 can you tell me if it is worth anything as well thank you very much for your help

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