Monday, May 28, 2007

A little poem to HitTail

Still no news from HitTail, one of my favourite sites. In spite of several emails to them, I haven’t heard a peep. Maybe they’ve taken a snitch to me – even though I promoted them a good deal.
So, for what may be the last time, here’s a post about HitTail. It’s a kind of poem using the last lot of search hits that related to my site.

Blackheads in the neck are never pleasant.
Some would compare them to lemon peel in the compost,
though Anna Leese, and Michael Crowl of Seattle
and maybe even Andrew Mulligan of The Crowd Goes Wild,
are all too polite to say so. Their focus is more on the
Dream Homes Magazine, and Endowment Express
places they can put their money in. Let’s hope
they all live long and happy lives, and aren’t subject
to the Coroner’s lunch being eaten while he mulls
over their untimely demise.
Brent Stavig may also have something to do with
Seattle, though I have no idea what it is. Perhaps he’s
more concerned with epinions fridge reviews, or
Ronnie Rinalde video clips, or even a Lilburn
Sonatina? No, he’s content with three books on the
bed, and musing over the career of the Lyrical Whips,
or some Naga Baba photos – whatever they may be.
Meanwhile, Simon O’Neill performs in opera, and
visits his home country. Gareth Farr dispenses facts,
such as what a bagette is. Gao Ping presents his latest
2007 composition, and couples sans souci
struggle no more. The Lexus Song Contest does not include
Brent Read, who still has time on his side;
in the meantime he works on a constructionist capella,
using notes from Educating Rita, and
the Dr Who Keyboard Notes.
Finally, Emma Fraser, resting from Opera,
floats on her dockominium in Florida,
from whence she aims to
dream, design, discover and deliver.


Mike Levin said...

Mike, what was the topic of the emails? We're not ignoring anyone. Sometimes email slip through the cracks. Try emailing directly to me at mlevin at connors dot com.

Mike Levin said...

HitTail Haiku:

HitTail Suggestions;
They work best when one per page.
Use them in headlines.

Gnome said...

HitTail's closed-lipedness seems to be inspiring lots of people to post about it. Its certainly my new muse.

Anonymous said...

Good muse so cute.