Friday, May 11, 2007

Seek and you'll probably find

The Internet is a great place to get lost finding things. It can be overwhelming trying to track down just one name or business, let alone a group of them. A new kid on the block called Masterseek is aiming to be the global business-finding web search engine. It’s encouraging companies around the world to join up and be part of its data base. I’ve just had a look at the site, and though the colour’s a bit bland for my taste, the site works very well. Some types of companies (listed under categories) are already in abundance. They’re the sort of companies that don’t miss an opportunity to advertise: construction, maintenance, household appliances and so on. The arts scene is unrepresented almost entirely at this stage, but then again, so is health and fitness, to my surprise. Seems to be easy to join up – though I didn’t try, as I’m already registered with enough sites to sink a ship. But even without registering you can garner a good deal of info. One of the most useful parts of the site is the way it joins together different companies from different countries that have a commonality (always wanted to use that word) of interest.

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