Monday, May 14, 2007

How Do I Love Thee?

I have had a love/hate relationship with PayPerPost, which readers of this blog will no doubt have noticed. It turns out that part of the problem was my own, caused by my not being aware of the need to categorise my blog and thus assist PPP to categorise me for advertisers. So it goes (to use Kurt Vonnegut’s catchphrase – I was sorry to hear that he’d died the other day).
I started out doing a couple of posts a day with PPP, back in the days when blog marketing was simpler and they hadn’t made their system so complicated. Then I went off them for a while because I just couldn’t seem to make anything out of their revised approach. Now I’m back on track with them, and though I still need to make a bit of adjustment to my status within their categories, in general we’re friends again. And they certainly have the widest range of opportunities available at present – some other smaller paid-post organisations seem to be struggling to get enough advertisers to work with them.
So do I love PPP? Not sure that ‘love’ is the word. Am I loyal to them? Well, yes, I think I am. After all, friends stick to each other even in times when they’re not relating straightforwardly, and I never quite forgot them…

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