Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Moving photo frames

Since my mother’s death, we’ve gone through a number of her old albums and loose photos, identifying different relatives and friends, and trying to work out some people who are total strangers. Some of her albums are in good order, but others have been ransacked at some point and there are a number of photos missing. Probably irretrievably.

On the other side of the coin, in this age of digital photos, we have a different problem. Because we take so many photos (probably in excess of those we used to take on ‘real’ cameras) and load them onto the computer, we often forget where they are, lose the best ones, and have difficulty trying to put them into any sort of digital album.

I came across something today which might be considered a bit of fiddle-dee-dee in some people’s terms, or might be thought to be something that only a person with a bit of cash would consider buying. But the idea is great. It’s called a digital photo frame, and what it does is accept the memory card out of your digital camera. Once installed, you can do something similar to the slide show on your computer. In fact, you can change the transitions between pictures.

It’s just like an ordinary picture frame, except that it’s digitized. A digital picture frame, in other words (!) It’s a bit like those moving pictures in the Harry Potter movies – wouldn’t you like one of those? They look great fun, although I always how long the picture lasts: is it like a short repeating sequence? Or does it show the real life of the other person?

Anyway, moving around the house and finding that the picture you saw last time in a particular frame has changed to something else really appeals to the child in me. Might have to wait until they come down in price a bit!

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