Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another paid for posting site

The paid post opportunities are coming thick and fast these days. Via another blogger, I’ve just come across yet another company that’s offering bloggers the chance to get paid for their posts, by linking to advertisers. This one is called Bloggerwave, and it seems to have its act together. You can find out more by clicking on their name.
There’s a great deal of hype on the Net about whether this is an ethical thing for bloggers to be doing or not – paid posts, I mean. Once again, I have to say that I have no problem with doing it. How many people read magazines or newspapers and wade through advertisement after advertisement and never blink an eye? Is there any reason for blogs to be different? The detractors say that bloggers are making the paid posts look like ordinary posts. Well, I say that’s still fine by me. No one forces a reader to click on a link, and if they don’t like the post about the topic being advertised, they don’t have to read it, just as they don’t have to read an ad in the paper.
My aim is make these posts as interesting as anything else I write, and if you click on the link, all the better for the advertiser; if you don’t, that’s a risk he/she’s prepared to take.

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