Friday, May 04, 2007

The anonymous Navy Man

A couple of blogs I didn’t find via Link and Blog come from a guy who’s a retired US Navy man. Don’t know what rank, because he doesn’t give much information away about himself. All I know is that he likes golf, and the Star Wars movies, doesn’t read a lot, but likes country music. He now works in a convenience store chain.
He turned up on myLot asking for people to do reviews of his two blogs, one of which focuses on Net tech stuff, and the other on ways to make money on the Net. Both worthy topics.
I felt he just didn’t give enough of himself away on the blogs. Maybe I’m a person who lets ‘me’ appear a lot when I’m writing; this guy is a bit reticent for my taste, but maybe that’s an okay thing. Not everyone of us has to hang it all out. (Actually, I don’t really do that. If you think the blog is personal, you should see my journals. You won’t!)
Anyway, click here for the Tecchie site, and here for the Moneymaking one. Both are worth a look.

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