Friday, May 11, 2007

The dog bone component of the bucket crowd section

The dialect of different groups within the business world can sometimes be rather puzzling. I’m currently working in an office attached to a large construction/landfill/landscaping/drainage company. On one of the reports relating to an accident that occurred was this phrase:
The dog bone component of the bucket crowd section.
Apparently that’s English and makes sense to a large number of people.

Trying to makes sense of bucket crowd on Google provides the following helpful sentences (I gave up on dog bone):
For enabling a boom to be smoothly raised during the triple combined operation of boom-up, arm-crowd and bucket-crowd in a hydraulic circuit system...
The bucket crowd ram 20 comprises a ram housing 202 and a piston rod 203...
the bucket crowd motion was specifically. controlled to draw it through the radar curtain...
And lastly one that I think is a little off-topic:
Nosebleeds were posted for $75 for the beer-bucket crowd

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