Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Michael Hill: Golfer

So Michael Hill Jeweller has become Michael Hill Golfer, building a top-notch golf course in his backyard - literally. His recently completed Hills Golf Course is already rated to be one of the best golf courses in the world.
Hill is making a new kind of name for himself. Not content to offer just an international violin competition each year, he’s now succeeded in getting the NZ Golf Open held at his new course for the next three years. This is a substantial coup, especially since the NZ Open hasn’t been held in the South Island since 1985.
Queenstown, which is just up the road from Arrowtown, where the Golf Course is situated, is increasingly become the playground of the rich and famous. Already it has to be regarded as the number one tourist town – in the South Island at least – and international cricket games have taken place there for the last few years. On top of that, an enormous amount of building development is taking place, increasing the population of what was little more than a village a few years ago substantially.
But back to the subject of golf. No doubt some of the players at this new course will be using Ping golf equipment, Ping accessories and Ping apparel. Ping – which I must admit, seems an odd name for golfing equipment, has been creating exceptional signature merchandise for more than 40 years.
I’ll probably be sticking with ping-pong.

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