Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gearing up for it

I went to Kmart today to get some underpants (my brand was going at buy one, get one at 50% off, which isn’t bad), and some socks. I bought five pairs of sox recently at another superstore that likes to use red, and they had the days of the week listed on them – Monday to Friday, one day on one pair. (Still not sure if that’s making sense.) Anyway, each of these socks has developed holes in the toes very quickly. Very annoying. In fact, the annoyance level of having a big toe out in the cold while the rest of the toes are warm is up there with coming to the cookie jar and finding it empty, when you’d got all emotionally prepared to have one.
My wife had been earlier in the day – which is how I knew they had a sale on (I never pay attention to the fact that clothing shops have sales on). She’d bought a couple of blouses and some pyjamas for me – lightweight ones, since these days I can’t stand being in bed in the old style pyjamas. She’d also bought some sandals in preparation for arriving in England in the middle of summer.
If I’d looked on Coupon Chief first, I could have found coupon codes for Kmart for 75% off some items. Of course, unless those items were socks, sandals, pyjamas and underpants, the coupon might not have been much use to me. Seems at the moment, that Kmart in the US is offering things like jewellery at 70% off, and maternity gear, and Mom’s favourite movie on DVD. Lots of Martha Stewart stuff if going cheap too!
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