Saturday, May 05, 2007

Who's the largest?

What’s the biggest convention centre in the world? I haven’t been able to find this out, though apparently the biggest in the States is McCormick Place in Chicago. However, the second largest in the world is the Convention Centre in Orlando – so the people in Orlando inform us. Which presumably ought to make McCormick Place the largest, but Wikipedia (which has been known to be wrong) says McCormick Place is the third largest in the world. Confused?
Be that as it may, Orlando’s Convention Centre is large. (I don’t know which Convention Centre in Orlando is the one in question, but found this wonderful testimonial on one hotel/convention centre site: I DID NOT DISLIKE NOTHING AT ALL ABOUT MY STAY THERE.)
Orlando is, of course, the home of Disney World, besides which, for most kids, convention centres, however large, would rate a considerable second best. (Now there’s a sentence almost as dysfunctional as my quote.) But if Disney World didn’t chew up all your dollars, a trip to Universal Studios and Sea World on top would certainly make a dent in them.
Seems that one of the best ways you can make your money go further is through Orlando vacation rentals. Check them out – and check out their blog, particularly the article on Hotel Condo Conversion Boom, which contains a fair few idiosyncrasies of its own.

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