Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lining up

I’ve never been one for lining up for hours for a concert or a sporting event. If I can’t get in the door quick smart, I’m not particularly interested. That may be because I live in a smallish city that’s notorious (so we’re led to believe) for people booking tickets at the last minute.
When I see people spending all night out on the street to be the first in line for tickets for something I just have to go ho hum. Better things to do. I’m sure at some period of my life (maybe in my youth) I’ve lined up for something, but whatever it was, the memory has long gone.
That’s why I’d use a broker if I was going for something like Red Sox tickets. Not that I’m likely to be, since I live in a different part of the world, but if I was, I’d try out the Great Seats brokers. They don’t just sell Red Sox tickets, they sell tickets for Jerry Seinfield, Police and a host of other concerts. Come in out of the cold and go online for your front row seats…!

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