Sunday, May 06, 2007

Getting the Tickets in Advance

As my wife and I plan our trip to England, we’ve spent a lot of time on the Net checking out prices. Boy, is it confusing!
Take rail tickets for starters. You can’t believe how complex these are. It depends on what day you go, when you go on the day, whether the day is a holiday or not, what time of the year it is, whether they provide caviar and champagne (just kidding!). We could get a trip from London to Norwich (which is what we wanted to do) for £6.00 on the Sunday we wanted to go. If we’d gone the following week it would have cost £37.00! But then we discovered Rail Cards – until we have the right Rail Card in hand, we can’t book anything anyway! Good grief.
We checked out Ryanair for flights, because we were told they were the cheapest all round. And they are, but figuring out when to go is a bit of a nightmare. That’s something we’ll have to do when we get there, I think.
We’re not going to the UK via America this time, so we won’t be dropping in on places like Disney World. But if I wanted to get Disney World Tickets the place to go online is They do discount tickets for Disney World, all the Orlando theme parks, dinner shows and attractions. They know that figuring out all the factors involved in planning a trip to these sorts of place is intimidating – to use their word. So they’ve done all the work for you, and you only have to log onto them and get planning!
Would that it was as easy figuring out British Rail!
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