Saturday, May 05, 2007

The anti-smacking brigade

You have to wonder what it will take for Parliamentarians to listen to the people. They’ve almost listened on the anti-smacking bill. That is, the public feeling against the bill has been so considerable that some politicians actually doubted the value of the thing and have let their consciences guide them rather than their party leaders. I was dismayed to see a large crowd of Christian ministers and company praying for the bill, but then I saw a photo of the people who were amongst the crowd, and was no longer surprised. They were the same group of Christians who are strong in support of anything homosexual, and other ‘rights’ issues. People, in other words, who think in the same way as many in the Labour party do, ie, that ‘rights’ are more important than family, just to give one instance.
Ideology comes before anything else with many politicians, and also with many of these Christians. They even put ideology before Scripture and God’s commands, and consequently make people who put God first feel second rate.

Have a look at this site, and do a search for Church against church for a different Christian viewpoint.

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