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Updated 20.9.16

14th Feb 2015: This is yet another update to this list. It's easier to keep it in one place rather than blogging all over again...I've also included the authors of the plays, something that for some reason I failed to do previously. 

Back in October 2011 I listed out the plays I'd performed in this century. The ones I acted in before that were in the 60s, so I've pretty much forgotten the details, though I did have a couple of small roles in a curious comedy called Lady Precious Streamwhich we performed at the Globe Theatre in Dunedin. I also had some roles in one act plays that we performed the British Drama League competitions.  

The following is a complete list of productions I've been involved in this century:

1.      Mr Beaver in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, [second production by Narnia Productions], 2004 (Teachers’ College auditorium) - Director (and scriptwriter): Erina Caradus

2.      Uncle Andrew in The Magician’s Nephew, Sept 2005 (Teachers’ College auditorium) - Director (and scriptwriter): Erina Caradus

3.      Mr Dussel in The Diary of Anne Frank (Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett)2006 (The Playhouse) - Director: Liz Nisbet

4.      The Father in And Then They Came for Me (James Still)May 2008 (Globe  Theatre) [also co-directed with Carol Krueger]

5.      Reepicheep in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Sept 2008, Mayfair Theatre - Director (and scriptwriter): Erina Caradus

6.      Ormonroyd in When We Are Married (J B Priestley)May 2009, Playhouse Theatre - Director: Natalie Ellis

7.      Jacob Marley and Mr Fizziwigg in The Christmas Carol (adapted from Charles Dickens' story; dramatist unknown), Nov 2009, Mayfair Theatre - Director: Liz Nisbet

8.      Pianist/Composer for Love – or Nearest Offer (Hugh O'Brien), Apr 2010, Playhouse Theatre. Director - Natalie Ellis

9.      Rev Harry Harrington in Shadowlands (William Nicholson), May 2011, Playhouse Theatre. Director: Natalie Ellis

10.   Paravicini in The Mousetrap (Agatha Christie), October 2011, Mayfair Theatre. Director: Bert Nisbet

11.  General all-round dogsbody for Grimhilda! (Mike Crowl & Cherianne Parks/music by Mike Crowl), April-May 2012, Mayfair Theatre. Director: Bert Nisbet, and Conductor: Jonathan Drummond.

12   Reverend Hinton in Harvest Field: the ministry of Rosalie Macgeorge (Greg Brook), March 2013, Otago Boys High School Auditorium. Director: Greg Brook

13   Al Lewis in The Sunshine Boys (Neil Simon)June 2013, The Playhouse. Director: Natalie Ellis

14.  Padre in Hamp (John Wilson), August 2014, The Playhouse. Director: Bert Nisbet

15. Sir William Rollander in Verdict (Agatha Christie), March 2015, The Playhouse. Director: Natalie Ellis.

16. Repetiteur and 'entire orchestra' for Opera Otago's 60th Birthday Extravaganza. March 2016, Mayfair Theatre. Directed by Gladys Hope, Conductor: Peter...

17. Repetiteur and 'entire orchestra' for Opera Otago's House Operas: John Drummond's Dear Maurice and Menotti's The Telephone, 8-10 April, 2016, Olveston. Directors: John Drummond and Claire Barton, and Music Director: Mike Crowl

18  Repetiteur and one of the four keyboard players for A Christmas Carol (Philip Norman), late Nov, early Dec 2016, Mayfair Theatre. Director: Christine Douglas, and Conductor: Timothy Carpenter.

19  Repetiteur and one of the four keyboard players for War Hero (John Drummond), July 2017, Mayfair Theatre. Director: John Drummond, and Conductor: Vincent Hardaker. 

20  Repetiteur for some rehearsals of Pirates of Penzance (Gilbert and Sullivan), October 2017, Mayfair Theatre. Director Nadja Shaw-Bennett and Conductor: Sam van Betuw,.

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