Columns from Column 8

Giving Column 8 a new lease of life - an introductory post: 

Cant is my wont - the problem of the apostrophe

Nobody Birds - dawn choruses...

The need for exercise - or not...

After All - when Government preens itself

Words - can we have too many words?

Fourth Column - where do ideas come from?

Unjust Leadership - politicians who see the crowd and not the individual

Dinosaurs...are bores - a poem expressing how little I care for these possibly mythical creatures

Banks and bouncers - riffing on the idea of banks and bars combining

The woman goes fishing, and fishes! - dismisses the idea that women don't go fishing. 

Standing-In - suddenly becoming a star does happen in real life

Unexpected Holiday - and the tedium of listening to the news over and over

Vex and Trip - the curious focus on striptease, especially male striptease

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