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Things have changed yet again on the geocities front. Just today - 3rd Nov, 2014, I've discovered that yet another site has resurrected my old geocities page. And this time it looks to be complete. I'll tidy up what follows in this page soon, but in the meantime, it seems you can access the site, as it originally looked, here.  I don't know who geocities.ws is, but I'm grateful to them. It looks like nothing ever entirely vanishes from the Internet. Scary!

An Index to my first webpage, formerly produced on the old geocities platform, obliterated by Yahoo in a moment of madness, and later resurrected by reocities (thank you, reocities!).  However, reocities decided to black out the top part of the first page of any files, making them virtually unreadable.  And then along came oocities (!) who've also resurrected the old geocities pages, and have left them as they originally were.  Thank you, oocities!  [A note about the links.  The links on this page will lead you to the new 'oocities' versions of the original pages; however, at this point they won't take you to other links from within those pages.]


The first two items to move are two children's stories: One Easter Evening, and When Dad Went Fishing

Columns from the Dunedin Star Midweeker:
a few of the 260 columns I wrote over five and a half years, now being added to (very slowly) 
More recent columns from other sources

     Film Reviews (from way back)     
Book Reviews (ditto) 
Poetry - mine and others, 
including an exceptional poem
by New Zealander John Caselberg (who lived in my home town, before he died in 2004)
Some of the short stories
I've written,
and a story that was being written [slowly] by a committee(!)
some years ago...

An essay I wrote a decade or so ago on Sir John McKenzie,
one of New Zealand's early politicians, . 


The Daily Writer -
this initially offered a quotation from a book on the
OC Books' shelves - one for each day of the year -

now it provides quotes with a spiritual element about three times a week.

Collected quotations.
An index of the quotations' authors can be found in a separate file.
An early Blog is Archived here - it was succeeded by a new blog, begun August 2005.

Finally, if you want to know more about me, and about what I thought at that time, click here...
you can also find a really old picture

The "really old" picture, from 1997 - note the glasses.