Music I have writ

Since it's unlikely I'll get a page in Wikipedia any time soon, I thought I'd list the music I've written over the years here, so at least there's some record of it.

The dates for some earlier works and the choruses are as near as I can gauge. There are some details missing as well, which I'll fill in later. All first performance accompaniments and piano solo work were done by me.

Early Works, undated: 

Wishful Thinking (pre-1960) written for a musical; this is the only piece to survive
Songs of the Twelve Months – words by Hilaire Belloc (incomplete)
Songs on NZ poems for soprano and baritone, with small wind ensemble. (One of these, On the Swag, was performed at a Summer Music School in the early sixties)
Gathering Leaves – words by Robert Frost - for Baritone and wind ensemble
Movement for Three Clarinets

Between 1968 and 1974, in London
Piece for Harmonium – written for a Catholic Church in Stoke Newington, London. Played during a Mass at least once, when I did a brief stint as the organist.
Variations on Words from 'Teacher' (Sylvia Ashton-Warner) - for mezzo or tenor, with flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano and percussion
Seven Duets for Piano (on Sister St Anne’s Theme) Fiercely atonal, and probably beyond playing.
Bass Songs to poems by Thomas Hardy

Piece for Recorder and Piano
Daughter – for Stefanie – Solo piano piece
Rimbaud and Verlaine, for cello and piano, dedicated to Elaine Armstrong [now titled 1st Cello Piece for Elaine].
2nd Cello Piece for Elaine [revised 2006]

Merely an Excuse – Piano Duet - performed with my fellow pianist and friend Richard Warnock at least once.

Les Adieux for Cello and Piano Duet – for friends and fellow- posties, Elaine Armstrong and Richard Warnock
Psalm for Dunedin Beaches – Piano Duet
Psalm for Dunedin Beaches - orchestral version

Three Saints Celebrating – for three pianists on one piano - written for a concert at the Assembly of God, and performed there. Performed during an Opera Alive production in the nineties.
Piece for Flute and Piano – for Patricia Bosshard, a neighbour
Five Pieces for Kobi Bosshard - first public performance at my concert, 2006
The Prophet Isaiah – Abbey of Souillac
Ladies Preparing Silk – Emperor Hui-Tsung
Landscape with Yellow Birds - Klee
The Purple Rose – Matisse
Darius – Leonardo da Vinci
I’m walking on the water (Chorus)
Where are we going? (Chorus) neither used in church

First Piece for Flute, Violin Piano (minor revisions, 2012)
The following choruses were written for the AOG church. The first was never sung there, but the other three had some use.
Bouncing Ball song (Chorus)
Come and let us go into the fields (Chorus) – words by Tony Walker
I hear your voice (Chorus) – words by Tony Walker
You are enthroned in our praise (Chorus) – words by Tony Walker
Scripture Memorising Songs (learnt over a number of years) - all of these were for personal use, and have remained in my memory as a result.
Be gracious to me, O God
Behold the eye of the Lord
For with you is the fountain of life
Have no anxiety
Sandy’s Paraphrase on Psalm 13
That day, you will say
When we were helpless, Lord
Psalm 31
Psalm 30
The Psalms known as the Songs of Ascent
1981 - Choruses for AOG, both used.
I will sing unto you  (Chorus) – words by Tony Walker
Sing and Rejoice (Chorus) – words by Tony Walker
1983 - The first four were for the AOG, and were all used. The last was played to a friend, but remains in a rather raw state.
Awake, awake, clothe yourself in your strength (Chorus)
Green olive tree (Chorus)
Shout for joy, ye Heavens (Chorus)
We need your Pillar of Cloud (Chorus)
Psalm 103
1984 - These were both written for the AOG; only the first was used, as a solo (sung by me). 
Rest in the heart of the Lord (Chorus)
When I wake in the morning, Jesus is there

Assembly of God Dunedin: Musical – script and lyrics by Mike Crowl. This was given at least one performance, with various singers from the church involved. Little Lamb was the only piece to have a life outside the musical, being performed by Dawn Nisbet at a singing competition.
I’ve been knocking
Jesus said
Go that second mile
Here I am There is more rejoicing
Little Lamb, who made Thee? – words by William Blake
Two more choruses written for AOG and used there
Everything I see about me (Chorus)
Rise up, sleeper (Chorus)
Praise and Celebration Meetings Aug/Sept, AOG Church - songs all performed.
Glorifier (Chorus)
Lift up your heads, O Gates (Chorus)
The King of Kings invites you (Chorus)
1990s – undated
When I Fall in Love – arrangement for Soprano, Violin and Cello - arranged for a group Elaine Armstrong was part of. Not used as written.

Long Barren – words by Christina Rossetti - premiered by one of Barbara Hendry's pupils, and later sung by Arnold Bachop in the 2006 concert.

Songs for Barbara Hendry - performed at a Women Musician's Concert, with Ruth Dallas present. Four of the songs were performed in the 2006 concert.
The Gardener’s Song - words by Ruth Dallas
Song for a Child - words by Ruth Dallas
Spring Day Near Arrowtown - words by Ruth Dallas
Tombstone Song - words by Ruth Dallas - revised afterwards but no longer sung 
Response – words by Ursula Bethel 

1995 (Children’s) Songs for Elizabeth Nisbet - not used by Elizabeth, but August Morning and The Rooster have had a good life in various singing competitions, via Barbara Hendry and Elizabeth Bouman. All five were performed at my 2006 concert.
August Morning – words by Stan Boyle - sung by Cally Hammond-Tooke
Eel Fishing – words by J K Baxter - sung by Justin Scott
Sun O (2) – words by Hone Tuwhare - sung by Benjamin Kidd
The Elephant - words by J K Baxter - sung by Justin Scott
The Rooster - words by J K Baxter - sung by Rose Evans
The Hills – words by Donald McDonald - sung by Arnold Bachop at the 2006 concert, and in the 2014 Senior Vocal Competitions by Nicholas Steel.

1997 - two songs written for Dunedin City Baptist during a time of considerable creative work
in the church. The first sung by four women accompanied by some instrumentalist, and the
second by me alone:
Creator of the Universe – written for DCBC Seeker Service
No one lives in the house but me - written for DCBC Seeker Service

2000 Three Rusty Nails – words by Roger McGough

2002 Four Songs for Tenor – dedicated to Brent Read - all four performed by Brent Read at the 2006 concert
Church Sunday - words by Kathleen Hawkins
Ecstasy – words by Dora Hagemeyer
Sabbath – words by Ursula Bethel
Winter Warning – words by Ursula Bethel

2006 Suite for Cor Anglais and Strings – three movements, the middle one being a revision of a piece written in the 1960s

Two Movements for String Quartet: Allegro and Vivace

Piece for Cello and Piano – written in the mid 1970s for Elaine Armstrong, but substantially revised [now titled 2nd Cello Piece for Elaine]

Brother – words by Mary Ann Hoberman - performed by Cara Nisbet in my 2009 concert
I’ve Never Heard the Queen Sneeze – words by Brian Pattan - ditto

The Muddy Puddle I – words by Dennis Lee – for Helen and Justin Scott
The Muddy Puddle II – words by Dennis Lee – for Helen and Justin Scott
Commissioned by the Scotts for their son, and both sung by Justin in the 2009 concert

Piano Duet Variations: The Fence - written earlier, for performance, by Richard Warnock and myself; subsequently played in a revised version in the 2006 concert.

Echo - words by Christina Rossetti.  Originally written for bass voice, but performed by Nadine Kemp in the 2009 concert. 

Heaven - words by Helena Henderson. Written for Kate Hesson, and sung by her at a First Church the same year. Subsequently performed in various Competitions as well.

Church – words by Frances Blunt.

Pam’s Song (Isaiah 49) – for choir, 2 flutes, trumpet, bass and piano. Written for DCBC and performed there with a church group. 

2008 Suite for Brass Band – three movements. Played, via Sibelius, to Peter Adams, and a copy of the music subsequently sent to the National Brass Band office for possible use.

Reepicheep’s Song various versions written for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. None of my versions were subsequently used.

Piano Suite I - performed in the 2009 concert
Someone’s Knocking – is it Beethoven?
Bach Does the Housework
The Cornet Player Goes on Holiday
Schoenberg Plays with his Grandchildren
Celia’s Waltz
A Cowboy Learns the Tarantella
Eight Small Pictures of Dunedin – words by Peter Olds - sung in the 2009 concert by Nicola Steel, and again in 2019, this time by Claire Barton.

The Cockerel – words by Robert Nye - sung in the 2009 concert by Helen Scott.

2009 Welcome Morning – words by Anne Sexton - sung in the 2009 concert by Helen Scott.

The Cornet Player Goes on Holiday – for solo cornet and piano
The Cornet Player Relaxes at the Beach – Almost: for solo cornet and piano
Both played in the 2009 concert by John Lewis

2010 Overture, Playout and Four Incidental Pieces for the play Love or Nearest Offer, produced by the Dunedin Repertory Society

2012 Grimhilda! – Children’s Musical, with script by Cherianne Parks and Mike Crowl, and full score by Mike Crowl. Full theatrical production at the Mayfair Theatre in April 2012.

Piano Suite II
Cyclist in Traffic
Rachmaninoff has his first coffee of the day
Afternoon Nap [Renamed Circus]
Glory be to God for Dappled Things - Gerard Manley Hopkins - for Tenor

2013 Dog Songs
Dogs – words by Aaron Kramer
Mother doesn’t want a dog – words by Judith Viorst
Three Dog Night  – words by Faith Shearin, sung by Nicola Steel in a private performance
In the Moment – words by Maxine Kumin
Choosing a Dog – words by William Stafford 
Retriever - Faith Shearin 
2014 Choral Songs - I worked with a ladies choir, The Choristers, for around five years.
She Walks in Beauty - Lord Byron
My True Love Hath My Heart and I Have His - sung on several occasions by the choir
Henry King - Hilaire Belloc - also available as a solo.  
Other songs:
Being Boring - Wendy Cope
To My Dear and Loving Husband - Anne Bradstreet
NZ Songs for Baritone:

         Windfalls - Brent Southgate

Piece for Baritone, flute, trumpet, violin and piano:

         From the Diary of William Malone, written for the ABC Gallipoli Songs Competition

Piano Suite II - additional piece
         Lazy Bum - piece with a jazz feel dedicated to a friend's lazy dog.

Piano Suite II - additional pieces

         Morning Celebratory

2016 Choral Songs for the Choristers:
Otago Farmers' Market (words by Jason Goroncy)
Clear Sky (words by Ruth Dallas) 
2017 Choral Song for Choristers
Old Rigmarole
2018 Choral Song for the Choristers

          Muddy Puddle Mash-Up

Five songs to words by Dorothy Parker (commissioned by Lois Johnston and performed by her in a concert at First Church, Dunedin in 2019)

         Inscription for the Ceiling of a Bedroom
         Symptom Recital
         Grandfather Said It
Song for Farewell of Trevor and Helen Geddes, DCBC

         Isaiah 54 and 55

2019 Choral Song for the Choristers:
         The River Song - words by Eleanor Elizabeth Montgomery

2020 Good Night - piece for piano

         Maryhill Trio - three movements (final version): Humoresque, Mirages, Learning to Dance (for the Maryhill Trio, first full performance 14.3.21)

2021 'Reflections from a Hospital Window' - song, words by Elane Robinson. 
        The Sun has Shifted - piece for unaccompanied choir. 
        Trains they go along a trainline - Piano Piece - first performance by John van Buskirk 22.5.22   

2022 Songs to my own words
        Celia is the Sky
        When We Make Love
        Another Small Dog Poem (Song)



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