Wednesday, August 24, 2005

'Country verse'

In the course of a discussion with a friend yesterday about things families say, I was reminded of a 'verse' my mother taught me, and I taught my kids. I think there may be more to it, and if there is, I'll add it at some point. Meantime here's what I can remember.

Are you Hungary?
Yes Siam.
Russia to the table
and I will Fiji.
Would you like some Turkey?
No, there is too much Greece.
Sweden my coffee
and Denmark my bill.

I had a look to see if anyone had put this on the Net but there's nothing obvious. There's a short film entitled"Are you Hungary in Greece for Turkey" by Ray DeGroote, Jr, listed back in 1998, which comes close, but not very. And there are a number of results coming up where it looks as though people don't know the difference between the spelling of Hungary as a country and hungry as in needing to eat....!

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