Monday, August 08, 2005

Getting Started on Blogging Again

Just came across an article by W. Caleb McDaniel on Arts and Letters Daily about blogging, and it inspired me to have another go at this 'art'. McDaniel talks about a writer from the 1800s who wrote in his journal daily about every sort of topic, and in this, McDaniel claims, he was a forerunner of the typical blogger.

I've just checked back at the last time I got into blogging - and kept the results. It was back in 2002. I had another go at it after that with a blogging site called TypePad, but they wanted money out of me after the first month, and so I didn't keep it going - nor did I keep a record of the blog on the Net (though the stuff is still in my journal).

So whether this lot of blogging will keep up or not is debatable.

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