Friday, March 28, 2008

Jurgen Wolff

I went to link Jurgen Wolff's name in the last post and for the life of me couldn't find a reference to him in any of the blogs I thought he'd be in. There should have been a mention of him in my Travel Blog, because I met him in Birmingham, when we both attended the Podcamp there.

I thought I might have written about him in one of my blogs, but even though I did write about the Podcamp there (as well as in the Travel Blog) there's nothing about poor old Jurgen.

I can't believe I missed him out. We didn't have a lot of contact there; merely sat beside each other in one of the workshops and spoke a little at the beginning to each other, but it was quite fun to catch up with someone whose book I'd read when I still ran the bookshop, and whose e-letters I've been getting for some years.

Well, here he is now.

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