Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009

This year the focus of Blog Action Day is on Climate Change, a theme which I am still in two minds about. I am clear enough that the weather isn't being its normal self, but I'm not entirely convinced of the many 'reasons' behind it. In almost every case there's a counter reason which says either the opposite or undermines the original argument.

So rather than go on about the endless debate - which I suspect will continue until we suddenly discover that we're on the other side of 'climate change' and are wondering what the fuss was all about. I'm sure the same sorts of things happened when the Thames in London froze over, or Greenland was literally green. People no doubt raised all sorts of arguments for and against climate change (in whatever terms they used at that point), and then lo and behold, some decades later, things appear to have reverted to 'normality.'

Anyway, a colleague handed me a recent New Scientist magazine today and told me (she's my boss) to check out the article called Top tech for a cooler planet. There are two good things about it. Firstly it doesn't mention New Scientist's favourite word, evolution, once, and secondly it shows that in spite of the hysteria that surrounds the climate change concept, there are plenty of people out there working on new ideas to save energy, and plenty of others investing in the ideas.

Rather than mention the various ideas here, I recommend going to the site and reading the information. One thing I found slightly amusing was that the first entry is Pee-n-grow, which discusses the use of human urine as a superior fertilizer - this is already happening in China where urine is collected in basement storage tanks in apartment buildings. Why it was amusing was that I have a newspaper clipping in front of me on the desk which talks about peeing on your tomatoes to make them grow bigger and better. Apparently it works. In fact it works on cabbages and cauliflowers as well. You just have to avoid telling people in your family who might find this a little disgusting that it's all for the good of the planet.


Abby said...
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Abby said...

Dear Dad,

Please don't pee on the vegetables.

Thanks, Abby

Mike Crowl said...

Why would you think I'd do such a thing? :)