Friday, October 30, 2009

My wife and I go on holiday

Since this blog isn't normally about what we do on holiday, (even though there are a couple of earlier posts relating to the one we've been on most recently - here and here) I'll revert to using my Travel blog for further posts on the subject. So this one is just by way of introduction, and to alert you that there's more to the Crowl world of blog than this Random one.

The main focus of the holiday was a wedding we were attending in Napier, and when we were invited some months ago, we decided to take a week all up, fly to Wellington, stay there for a couple of nights, drive to Napier, stay there for the wedding and then drive on to some other destinations and then back to Wellington.

We hired a car on the Net through a company called Apex Rentals, whom I'd be happy to recommend. I don't think they provide up to date vehicles necessarily (or rather, we chose one that wasn't new) but their service seems fine, and they run efficiently, and the cost overall was within our budget. Best of all, we had no problems with the car, or the hiring. We could have hired ourselves an RV (or the NZ equivalent thereof), and saved ourselves some accommodation, but RVs (or the NZ equivalent thereof) are expensive to hire here, and thereby we avoided any RV breakdown (!) [Just had to sneak all that in, and it's roughly relevant.]

My wife has gone off to Auckland (she flew out from Wellington for another week's holiday, this time with my daughter and her family) with the camera and the smart drive with all the photos on it, so I won't be able to add photos to this post, or to those on the other blog. Maybe I'll come back and include them later...something I've been meaning to do since 2007 in relation to the overseas trip we took. you go to the Travel blog and check out some of the highs and lows...!

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