Friday, February 24, 2012

Name tags

Ouch!  Yesterday Eva Radich, on the midday programme, Upbeat, got told by the person she was interviewing that her interruption had made him 'lose his train of thought.'  Today she's actually arguing with the person she's interviewing: Avi Shoshani, the Israel Philharmonic Secretary General.  I find Eva tends to not let her interviewees just speak; she's always telling them what she already knows and what they should be saying to the listeners.  Which is a pity, because she has a great run of interviewees on this programme.

However, in regard to this programme one thing has improved, and that's that the Radio NZ website now lists the people Eva is talking to each day.  Often in the past if you missed the introduction you might have no idea who she was talking to.   In those days we could have done with audible name tags.

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