Friday, June 01, 2007

Ah! Capella!

Capella must be one of the youngest universities around. I’ve mentioned it before in these posts, so thought I’d have a bit of a look at their history. There isn’t much about it online, just a list of dates when special things happened, but it’s interesting to see that its beginnings only go back to 1991. By 2004 it had 10,000 learners: a fairly speedy increase!
Capella’s focus is online education, and they have some 800 courses available. And the interaction between teacher and pupil is actually better than it is in many ‘live’ universities: "I enjoy this program more than anything I've done in the way of education. If I e-mail my professor, he e-mails me back immediately. It's like having a one-on-one tutor." [Don Felty]
I wrote on another blog about the way some college professors are giving up on email because they’re feeling swamped. But to me email is one of the best forms of communication around, because people can relax as they write. They don’t have to be reading signals from another person all the time, as we do face to face. I’m not advocating an end to face to face communication: it’s just I’m a great fan of email!
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