Saturday, June 16, 2007

Incheon airport

The airport at Incheon in Seoul, Korea, is a fantastic piece of real estate. From the hotel where we stayed, just a few minutes away, it seemed a reasonably-sized place, but once you were inside it, it was extraordinary: full of space, and with plenty of room in every respect.
Outside, everything is wonderfully designed - the Koreans have a marvellous sense of aesthetics - and you can tell that the architects give a high priority to beauty. The necessary things are good to look at, but there are extras, such as a plane-shaped piece on top of the main part of the building. The walkways from one section of the building to another have a spiralling effect in their design. It isn’t just the large parts of the architecture that are good on the eye: every detail is well thought-out, and innovative touches are everywhere.
But the long distances between the desks where you check in, and the gates where you depart from, are a bit of a pain. Anyone with walking difficulties (such as one lady we got slightly acquainted with) must find the length of their walks unpleasant.

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