Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Made in China

We bought a couple of pillows to take with us on our flight to the UK, but as it turned out, Korean Air generously provided everyone with pillows anyway, so we didn't need the ones we bought.

So we thought we'd use one of them as a bath pillow (for them what read in the bath, like) and when I looked at the blown-up one this morning I noticed these intriguing instructions:

AU Warning: use only under competent supervision.
US Warning: this is not a life saving device. Do not leave child unattended while device is in use. Never allowing diving into this product. Never leave in or near the water when not in use. Keep away from fire. Follow these rules to avoid drowning, paralysis or other serious injury.
GB Warning: use only under competent supervision. Keep away from fire.

I would have thought that the AU, US and GB referred to countries, except that after the warning in English on the GB line, it goes straight into French, German, Italian, Spanish and something else.

Any sharp-eyed reader will have noticed the strange line in the US section of the warnings, though I'm not sure why the US need so much warning to use a pillow.

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