Friday, September 12, 2008

Nearly Narnia

From today we don't leave Narnia until sometime in the week after next, when we have a couple of days break from performances.

We had a run-through for (most of) the principals on Wednesday; it was a bit chaotic, because we were back to not having the boat to perform on. (We were rehearsing in the Green Room at the Mayfair.) The young ones got a bit out of hand at times, including one moment when Caspian managed to hit Eustace on the head with his sword (purely accidental) and nick a piece of his forehead. No one noticed the blood for a half a minute....

Tonight we have a walk-through with the technical people; I imagine it'll go as these sort of rehearsals usually go: slowly and awkwardly and frustratingly. But it's a necessary process.

The boat is starting to look more authentic, particularly the poop, which looked the outside deck of someone's house, as someone put it.

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