Friday, November 19, 2010

Missing the point

“I think atheists miss the point. I don’t grant atheism and agnosticism the same moral quality that I give to people who pursue the religious or spiritual way of life… . If you are still an atheist when you get to my age, you don’t know shit. I hope you change.”

New Statesman - The NS Interview: James Ellroy, author

found courtesy of Alan Jacobs.


Fred Edwords said...

Actually, if you're still a traditional theist when you get to my age, I wonder where you've been. As for what's commonly called spirituality, that can be pursued with or without a god belief, as Buddhists, Confucians, and Daoists--as well as nontheists in the arts and humanities--have demonstrated for centuries.

Mike Crowl said...

So how old are you, Fred? That'll give me an idea whether I should agree with you or not! LOL