Friday, July 17, 2009

Plumbing the depths

We're having a fun day here at home: the third day in a row that both my wife and I have been sick, she with a particularly nasty flu, and me with a cold that seemed to want to turn into a flu but hasn't quite managed it. Between coughing and spluttering, and eyes watering, and getting back into bed to keep warm because we were both so weary from doing almost nothing, it's not been the most exciting three days of our lives.
Except that today the plumbers arrived. One was there to fix the problem we had a week or so ago when the hot water tap in the kitchen literally broke off while my wife and a friend were sorting out the renovations. The other (and his very young apprentice) were there to replace the hot water tank which had decided to start leaking on us.
We're going to be paupers by the time this kitchen is renovated.
The first plumber has been under the house a good deal of the time sorting out the old pipes. The other plumber (and his very young apprentice) have removed the old tank, put in the new one, gone to a funeral and hopefully will come back before the end of the day to give us some hot water. And then there were also a couple of blokes from the City Council repairing the cold water inlet from the mains - an ancient washer had given up the ghost. To sort this washer out required spilling enough water out onto the street to fill several baths for several households.
The bloke under the house is now back after his lunch, and is tidying up the longstanding bit of frigeridoo that's been holding up the drain from the sink ever since we arrived in the house. That it's stayed together as long as it has is something of a miracle. The last time we sorted it was way back, when we noticed an unpleasant smell and found that all the sink drainage wasn't going down the drain but sitting underneath the house on the ground. Poo - what a pong that was. I remember nearly breaking my back digging out the old garbage soil and replacing it with clean stuff - all this done in an area where you can't stand up straight.

Apropos of none of that, why wold you misppel weight losss supplements if yo wontid to taulk abart it? Obviously that extra s has snuck because the link to this site has three in a row. Adding in a fourth, however, is just a bit excessive. Anyway, with all this flu stuff around, both of probably have no need of w l supplements - neither of us have been eating as much as usual!


bethyada said...

Mike, it is not misspelled, the last s is the beginning of the word supplements. Much like the second s in your blog being the first letter of scribblepad.

Mike Crowl said...

misppel weight losss supplements if yo wontid to taulk abart it?

It was the phrase, 'weight losss supplements' that had the extra 's', Bethyada. The link itself is actually correct, even though it looks as though it's full of ssss.

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