Thursday, July 30, 2009

Renovation v Learning

I was going to follow up my first foray into distance learning with a second course that, while still officially classed as distance learning, actually required me to attend a week's block course, and then do three essays over a period of three months. Sounds pretty straightforward, huh? I'm sure it is, but I decided to hold fire, as there seemed to be some other things looming on the horizon. The looming turned out to be kitchen renovations which have taken up my wife's energy hugely, and mine just a little less.

However, I haven't given up on the learning: my boss handed me next year's classes the other day, and there are some different options which I'd like to look into. It rather depends on what else happens around here, but I'd like to keep on with this stuff.

Of course, I could always go for an online degree at an overseas university, like Capella. Now that would be interesting. Whereas Otago has a relatively narrow range of courses available online (though they are courses that interest me) Capella appears to go all out over a wide range of subjects: World Religions, Chemistry, Organizational Theory are just three of the possibilities, and are ones you can sample. You can even enroll in a free online seminar, to see if it's up your alley.

Wow, I'm getting all excited here. (Though I haven't checked the cost out yet!)

The photo isn't of our renovation, but something similar. It was taken by Maree Reveley of Canterbury, New Zealand. Note the pink batts everywhere!

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