Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twittering teens - not!

A 15-year-old intern? Apparently the global financial services firm Morgan Stanley has one. Who says that teenagers aren't much interested in Twitter. They'll try it, like they try everything else, but then they give it away. Texting to it costs, and they're rather text their friends instead.

This young feller, Matthew Robson, has made headlines by commenting on what's in and what's out in the social network/media world. TV is definitely over. Radio with ads is out. Streaming radio without ads is in. Downloading movies to the computer is pretty ho-hum because of the lack of quality (and if it's anything like my experience, the annoyance of having it stop and start a good deal) and the possibility of viruses.

In fact, anything with ads - especially intrusive ads -is out. Well and truly. So much for the advertising world.

Of course there are plenty of other people in the world besides teenagers, and Twitter is obviously making a big impact via people who aren't teenagers. When we think that only teenagers' opinions count (as obviously the financial world did after Matthew's pronouncements) then we're living in la-la land.

Yes, of course, teenagers are the next generation, and what they think will eventually count for something. Maybe just not yet.

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