Thursday, June 02, 2011

Enjoy Art!

Visiting art galleries, museums and the theatre is good for your health - particularly if you're a man. So says a Press Association report.

I'd love to think that they were inferring that sports aren't good for your health, especially if you're a man, but I doubt that that follows...

Norwegian Researchers asked 50,000 people about their cultural activities and found that being creative in music or art is good for both genders, improving health, life satisfaction and lowering the risk of depression. In fact, being involved in creative activities was even more beneficial than just attending them.

This brings to mind those various tortured souls who were male artists: Van Gogh, Pollock, to name just two; but of course there have been female artists (Freda Stark) who've suffered in art as well. Do these counter the Norwegian findings, or are they exceptions? Or is it possibly that if you are an amateur in art, you'll be happier, but not if it's your life's work?

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