Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Bit of a walk

One of the advantages of living on the hill in Dunedin, is that it gives you ample opportunity to go for reasonably strenuous walks with the dog.

Today, we headed up the gentle slope of Mitchell Ave, into Elgin Rd, along to Mornington Rd until we reached Netherby St.   Netherby heads steeply downhill for a little, then there are steps down to the Balaclava School - probably around 150 of them.   I didn't count them today, but will another time. 

Down past the school into Barr St, briefly, across the road and up Shirley Place, which has a steepish path and then some 30-40 steps.  Along the street to Kenmure Rd and then a quick dog-leg into Bryant St (had to put in that bit about the dog-leg to keep the dog happy).  Along Bryant St, which is an up and down meanderer, and then up the steep path leading to Kenmure Rd - except that you also have to climb 220 steps (I did count these today) before you reach it.

Down English Ave, across Elgin Rd again; down into Crosby St and up the 25 or so steps at Lesney St.  Back into Maryhill Tce and home.  

All up, forty-five minutes.   That should deal to some of the muffins we've been eating that were left over from my grandson's birthday party....

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