Friday, December 09, 2011

Pool or not

At the beginning of next month we fly to Boise in Idaho.   It will roughly the middle of winter.   We're taking lots of thermal underwear on the assumption that it's going to be really cold, though it's hard to know just how cold that is.  What the people over there think is cold, of course, may be closer to what we're used to here because we don't have temperature extremes.   But I suspect it will be rather more than we're used to.  We'll just have to wait and see.   

It occurred to me that there aren't likely to be many swimming pools around in Boise (or Nampa, which is where we're actually going to be staying).   With temperatures plummeting in the winter to minus figures, the idea of having a swimming pool is probably a bit nonsensical, and yet, in the summer, the temperatures climb to more than we ever have here.  It's a bit like Alexandra, Central Otago, which in winter is like walking around in a fridge, in summer like being basted on an oven.   So I suppose pools may not be as uncommon as I first thought.  Whether they'd need heated pools (and consequently the services of a company like pool heat pumps it's hard to say.  Certainly in the summer it might be ridiculous to be heating your pool, but in winter?  Well, it would depend whether you planned on going out, (in a Finnish fashion) to swim in your pool in the middle of the snowy season.   But if you were being Finnish, you'd expect your pool to be freezing cold anyway, so heating it wouldn't be an option.  It's all too complicated for a small brain like mine.

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