Saturday, February 17, 2007

More on PayPerPost

Well, in spite of my griping a bit about PayPerPost (I've got it rightly written this time) in my last post I have to admit they’re on the ball, offering new approaches to making money from their site. There have been two new features recently, one the typical referral program (you can see a link to this over to the left) and the other something a bit more novel.
In this second approach, any other blogger reading this blog can do a review of any of my posts– not just the blog ads ones - and get paid for it. If you click on the badge at the bottom of this post, and sign up with PayPerPost (it costs you nothing, unlike some other blogging sites), you get a special ‘opportunity’. Opportunities are what you work from on the PayPerPost site, where you’re offered a certain sum of money to talk about a particular site. This opportunity will pay you US$7.50 for the joy of ‘reviewing’ one of my posts. I don’t know what US$7.50 is currently in NZ dollars – yes, I do: it’s $10.75. It’s not going to buy the weekly groceries, but these payments do add up over time. (Some of the big-time bloggers on PayPerPost have earned several thousand US dollars over time.) And if you enjoy writing anyway, why not get involved?
If there isn’t a ‘badge’ at the bottom of this post, it’ll be over at the side again. Blogger doesn’t always like me adding bits of html to my posts!

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