Saturday, February 24, 2007

One thing leads to another...

Things on the Net lead from one thing to another. I was looking at a post on myLot (yup, that’s the way it’s written) and in the course of one of their forum discussions came across a link to a site where there was some discussion of other places you get paid for posting. I went to the site, clicked on the link, and clicked, and clicked, and a lovely blank column between two columns with advertising came up. Finally I emailed the owner of the blog and mentioned that there seemed to be a problem. Since then, she and I have had an ongoing conversation about blogs and paid posts and such, and she’s been very helpful.
She fixed the link, apparently, because next day it was back to normal, and one of the sites she mentions as being worth a look is blogsvertise, which runs things in a slightly different way to PayPerPost, but seems a bit more friendly. Well, my email friend says they are on her site, and she’s in the know, having used them.
blogsvertise, which I’ve now had to add to my spellchecker, doesn’t have the same sort of discriminatory process that PayPerPost seems to be indulging in at present. That’s nice – it joins Blogitive in my books as being a place I’d prefer to deal with. Not that I’ve give up PPP completely, as one of my most recent posts suggests, but if they keep on going with their current policies, we may have to part company.
In the meantime, here I am trying yet another approach to making money on the Net, and waiting for some results from my new acquaintances at blogsvertise.

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