Saturday, February 17, 2007


Well, Payperpost, which was earning me quite a nice little bit extra over the last few weeks has gone high-class. Now it’s practically impossible to get an interesting opportunity because all the best ones require blogs that have Google rankings of 2 or 3 or more. As far as I can tell, my blog, which is read by a select few, has a Google ranking of 0. !!
There are still some opportunities: mortgage refinancing, and various other financial posts, but I’ve done several of those already, and I’m not sure that I want to do any more. Still if it makes a couple of dollars it’s possibly worth it.
Payperpost has come under fire from bloggers all over who claim that it undermines their integrity. As the Tui ads say, ‘Yeah, right.’ Bloggers and integrity, for the most part, live in two different worlds. Of course, my integrity is another matter. Perhaps I don’t have any, if I’m prepared to use posts on my blog as pseudo-ads; or do I mean pseudo-ads as posts? (That’s what some bloggers would say, especially the ones who aren’t making any money out of Payperpost). Anyway, I’ve found it quite a challenge to have to write posts on subjects I know very little about, and have to do some research on. Being required to do no more than 100 words in some cases is a breeze. I usually do quite a bit more, because I get carried away and 100 words is nothing to the average writer.
But Payperpost of late has proved that it’s no longer aiming for the low-status blogger, like me. And Blogitive, which was a very reliable source of income for doing the same sorts of things, has dried up completely. As has Bloggingads. In each case, with no explanation. Obviously it’s a difficult market, and maybe Payperpost is hogging all the goodies. There was another crowd starting up, but I wasn’t so sure that their approach was as money-making, as marketing - and I've had enough of marketing.

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