Monday, November 23, 2009

Global Warming - what the emails reveal

Ian Wishart has recently published a very long post on the subject of a number of emails that have been discovered (by a hacker, ironically) in which various pro-global warming scientists have been writing about how they need to manipulate the figures to show that global warming is still happening - when in fact it isn't - and never was.

People tend to dismiss Wishart as an investigative journalist, and yes, he probably does get some stuff wrong like anyone who's working at full bore all the time. However, it's interesting how often he comes up trumps with information that others would prefer to be kept secret. And survives.

Apart from that, this latest 'scoop' isn't his, anyway - he's merely passing on a pile of information that others have discovered and discussing it. The basic theme is that various scientists have been pushing their own agendas for a number of years and now the truth is becoming inconvenient for them.

I've been something of a climate change skeptic for some years; hopefully the truth is finally being allowed to climb out of cupboard.

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