Saturday, June 23, 2012

Internet phrases

Day after day on the Internet you see phrases and lines from sentences that strike you as having some nice poetic turn about them.   See these examples from Twitter, which I worked at turning into a poem yesterday.  This sort of approach to poetry is sometimes called 'found' poetry - sometimes it's called a 'mess' because it doesn't always come off.  However, I think the Pantoum works, though it doesn't make obvious sense.  Of course, poetry doesn't always make obvious sense, and sometimes it's left up to the reader to find things in it that even the poet (or in this case, the collage-maker) may not have seen. 

Here's an example of a phrase that struck me as having a bit of rhythm about it: cheap plus size homecoming dresses, (though if you read it often enough it starts to lose all sense!)  It has a nice rhythm: bom!, bom bom, dum dada dum dum.  Not an easy rhythm to use over the long haul, but here's a possible approach:

Cheap plus size homecoming dresses,
Big, fulsome bosomy dresses,
Wide-stretching wallpaper dresses, 
Eye-catching full-flowing dresses. 

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